COVID-19 update

We've already helped so many maintain their operations. We can help you too.

COVID-19 has presented unforeseen challenges for 2020, and the impact to health and the economy is nothing short of devastation.  But, if history has taught us anything, it's that we will get through this together... by being apart.

That's were we've been helping Doctors and Business become a 'Modern Workplace': being able to work from anywhere on any device and be productive.

Thankfully for our customers, we had already set their businesses up for modern-style working and their transition to working from home was more about 'how do I work around family' and less about 'how can I connect to work and be productive'.  We'd already made our customers modern, and it has helped them immensely.

We are now inundated with new customers wanting to modernise in a very short period of time.  We can help you too, and have the resources to do so.

Covid: Getting Connected

We can help

  • Need your office staff to work from home but still be connected?

    Yes, we can help.

  • Need to move to the cloud in a hurry and enable a flexible workforce?

    Yes, we can help.

  • Need to get your phones working from your office staff homes, like they're in the office?

    Yes, we can help.

  • Need to migrate your network to the cloud, so your staff are all still connected?

    Yes, we can help.

  • Need to keep your team productive and collaborating remotely?

    Yes, we can help.

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